Netflix™ Trending Now - Party Game

Create the next Netflix™ original hit show!

In this outrageous adult party game, every round starts with a different situation, announced by a judge. Players try to create the best show to match the situation by combining content cards with hilarious plot twist cards and pitching to the judge. Watch out for the Drama Llama, who will add a drama card to the round and might mess up your chances. If the judge picks your show, you earn the situation card; earn five cards to be crowned the winner and take charge of what you watch next on Netflix. 

Includes: 70 Situation Cards, 100 Content Cards, 200 Plot Twist Cares, 30 Drama Cards, 2 Role Tokens, Instructions

    Players: 3 to 10
    Game play: 20 Minutes 
    AGE: 14 and up