Pick-Up Sticks

Way cheaper than video games!

There are enormous benefits to classic games like pick-up sticks. Benefits that don't necessarily occur so readily from computer and video games and from television.

From a developmental standpoint, this game require that children to negotiate rules, take turns, correct and challenge each other. They are thinking and problem solving all the time. They can improve their listening and speaking skills. They also have to deal with the emotional consequences of these interactions: handling loss, helping a friend to handle a loss, being a gracious winner.

Beyond the social and emotional benefits of these kind of games, they also help work on motor coordination, both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. These motor skills are very important for success and self esteem, both in and out of school. Improved fine motor coordination will help with writing and drawing.

The other benefit to keep in mind is that these games are relatively inexpensive ways to promote skills while encouraging kids to have fun.

Contained in a neat little wooden box, these 41 wooden pick-up sticks measure 9¾” long

AGE: 8+