Pine Kalimba (Thumb Piano) - Purple

These vibrant handcrafted Pine Kalimbas offer a fun twist on a beautiful instrument

The kalimba (thumb piano) is simple to play and has an appealing marimba-like sound. In addition to being a serious musical instrument, the kalimba, is perfect for play and experimentation. Sturdy enough for children, it is a welcome addition to the standard percussion instruments normally available. This one is purple and is Low Diatonic tuning.

Accurately tuned with an accompanying songbook, it allows adults and children alike to explore music for themselves in new ways. 

About the Kalimba:

Originating in Africa, the kalimba has made its way throughout the world. Known also as a thumb piano, thumbdrum sansa, kalimba, and thumb piano, it is being used in ritualistic music and in recording studios world wide.

Closely related to the mbira, another traditional African instrument, it is played by plucking the tines, or keys, with thumbs or fingers.The name kalimba is a Bantu word which means “little music”, and is similar to the word karimba—a type of mbira. 

AGE: 3 to Adult