Pipolo Bluffing Playing Card Game

The bluffing game that will keep you cracking up!

The game has humorous illustrated cards. The animals are either hairy, naked, feathered, or dressed. In order to win you have to know how to bluff with confidence and a straight face. The first player puts down a card face down and announces for example, that it is naked. The other players have to follow suite and place a naked card down. However, they all have a right to lie! The first person to finish with no cards is the winner. The rules for this simple, fun game comes in 8 languages.

Complete with instructions and rules, this is an easy game to get used to and is sure to keep children entertained in rain or shine. 

• Simple rules from a classic card game.
• Compact, easily portable box.
• Durable, high-quality cards.

Contents: 44 cards. Game rules in 10 languages.

AGE: 5-99
GAME LENGTH: 10 minutes