Build biomes to create a unique 3D planet and attract the most wildlife

The spark of life is about to jump from your hands to spread out in the world. Deploy your mountain ranges and your deserts, and spread out your oceans and your glaciers. Handle wisely your continents to form environments suitable for the apparition of animal life and maybe you'll manage to create the most densely populated planet!

In Planet, each player receives a planet core without anything on it. Each turn, players choose a tile with mountain/ice/forest/desert on it and place it on the planet. Then the player who fulfills the most conditions for the appearance of certain animals gains its card.


  • 1 Game Board 
  • 1 Sun Segment
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 24 Scoring Tokens
  • 4 Sun Marker Tokens 
  • 24 Seed Tokens
  • 2 Small Trees
  • 16 Medium Trees
  • 8 Large Trees
  • Illustrated Rules

** AWARD WINNER: Mensa Select, ASTRA Best Toys for Kids, BoardGameGeek Golden Geek, Dice Tower Best Board Game, Production, GeekDad Game of the Year, Finalist, Major Fun Spiel of Approval, Dice Tower Top 10 Holiday, Games

GAME PLAY: 30 to 45 minutes

PLAYERS: 2 to 4
AGE: 8 and up