Plus-Plus The Great Wave - 350 pc Tube Inspired By Hokusai

Observe, admire, and create with the open-ended  Inspired series.

Originally titled Under the Wave off Kanagawa, The Great Wave was the first woodblock print in a series Katsushika Hokusai called 36 Views of Mt. Fuji. Perhaps mistaken for a tsunami, the large rogue wave features menacing white claw- like tips and the use of imported Prussian blue ink. With Mt. Fuji in the distance, the tension-filled wave ascends above the sailors in their long, narrow boats in what is considered a compositional masterpiece.

With this set the only instruction is to exercise your imagination. Each tube doubles as a displayable container, filled with colors drawn from the color palette of iconic works of art.


  • A reusable, display-quality tube inside a recyclable gift box package
  • An educational and inspirational flyer 
  • 350 pieces in a unique color palette

    AGE: 7 and up

    Why Yellow Springs Toy Company likes this product: 
    • It encourages creative play for all ages (toddler through adult) and is an award-winning, STEAM toy that stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus, and patience.
    • It 
    is manufactured in Denmark, using 100% green energy from wind power, with “NO WASTE” production—all excess plastic is re-ground and used to make new Plus-Plus.
    • All products and packaging are 100% recyclable!