Poultry Pageant - 500-Piece Velvet-Touch Jigsaw Puzzle

Who says doing a puzzle can't be a tactile pleasure?

The smooth-textured velvet touch pieces provide a luxurious puzzle experience with no glare.

Bucks County artist James Feehan calls his style of art ”narrative,” a confluence of realism and suggestion pursued visually. Inspired by his local landscape, the Delaware River is often a backdrop in this work, as it is here in this piece titled Poultry Pageant.

Puzzle collectors love the fact that these puzzles are designed to display beautifully on a shelf, using minimal space. Exhibit assorted titles like books, showing off the colorful bindings.


Not only does it serve as another image to refer to when putting together your puzzle, but when you've completed your project you can frame the print and enjoy the art long after you've finished! 

Is there anything more annoying than a puzzle box top that's constantly falling over while you're trying to put together your puzzle? We've had pieces knocked to the ground never to be seen again, and glasses of wine spilled all over the table! This box top stand is uniquely designed to eliminate topsy-turvy accidents so you can puzzle in peace.  

There comes a point when you need your dining room table back—it's time to pack up your puzzle! We provide a resealable bag in each box, so when you want to revisit that jigsaw, everything is where you need it to be!

REDUCED CARBON FOOTPRINT: The puzzle, the box, and the insert are made from recycled paper and are all fully recyclable. 

 Size: 18.9" x 13.4"

AGE: 12 and up