Raya's Journey - Enchanted Forest

Fun game for kids that combines memory and racing with some interesting decision making

Join Raya as she searches the five realms of Kumandra for her friends Tuk Tuk, Sisu, Boun, Tong, little Noi, and the mischievous ongi! On your turn, you’ll roll the dice and journey through the land. When you reach a tree, turn it over to see who is hiding underneath. Then, race to the finish space and reveal your friend’s hiding place to win their card. The player who finds the most friends by the end of the game wins!

Contents: 1 gameboard (in two parts), 7 plastic Decorative Teak Sculpts, 7 character discs, 7 character cards, 4 Raya playing pieces, 2 dice

Players: 2-4

AGE: 6 to 9