Sky Tree Hanger - 6'

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to hang from a tree?

With this tree hanger, you will be able to find out and have an extreme backyard adventure!


  • Heavy duty Polyester webbing makes it easy to hang any B4 adventure product from a tree, swing set, or beam
  • 6' length x 2" wide, each end has a reinforced loop along with stainless steel safety carabineer
  • Hang on a live tree branch of at least 10" diameter with a clearance of at least 6' in all directions
  • Max weight 250 lbs

WARNING: Adult stress or load test required. Test branch strength by having 2 adults pull down on the branch with 500 lbs of force3. Checking for any breaking or cracking before final installation.

AGE: 6 and up