T-Rex - Dinosaur Stuffed Animal with Teeth - 25"

The Cretaceous period is only a little imagination away with this realistic stuffed dino

The name Tyrannosaurus Rex means “tyrant lizard, gigantic head and short arms are some of the specific characteristics that separate the T -Rex from the rest of the dyno kingdom. This terrific T-Rex stuffed animal is soft, cuddly, and overstuffed to help it achieve a fierce standing pose. Plastic teeth add to the air of fierceness—but the plastic is soft too.

CARE: Spot clean with a damp cloth, air-dry.

AGE: 3 and up

Why Yellow Springs Toy Company loves this brand: Wild Republic's core values establish them as a company dedicated to having a positive impact on our planet.

They create quality toys that foster curiosity and educate people about wildlife. They are dedicated supporters of a variety of humanitarian initiatives, and partner with wildlife organizations around the world to help support their conservation efforts.

They are industry leaders in utilizing eco-friendly products and processes. They have adopted a green approach to packaging and printing; incorporated biodegradable and recycled materials; and use 100% recycled water bottles for the plush filling.