The Fly Widow

Sure is a coincidence that so many of her husbands died in such strange ways!

This game, with the same rules as Old Maid, is based on the story of London’s Fly Widow. She was all the buzz in the insect world of the 1880s.

A brilliant woman, she found that society would not recognize what she achieved on her own. Each accomplishment was attributed to her husband, so her solution was to have a lot of husbands. Of course, after the initial rush of a new relationship, she quickly tired of their requests to dim her own flame. As this happened, each husband would meet his demise.

As you match the husbands during the game, you complete a humorous couplet that describes their death.

Comes with 55 beautifully illustrated oversized, 2-3/4" x 4", cards.

Players: 2-4

AGE: 8 and up