Duncan Yo-Yo Trick Book

Yo-Yo Instruction that is easy to understand

This book provides maximum clarity about each trick. From classic tricks to those that have gained recent popularity, this step-by-step guide spells out each trick in a simple way.

Descriptions are written by National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown, and illustrations are provided by master artist Li Shyu. This instructional yo-yoing book explains both the essential tricks and the more advanced tricks that usually, only seasoned yo-yo players and professionals know. 

  • YO-YO SKILL BOOK: this yo-yo skill book is recommended for everyone who wants to improve yo-yoing performance. I
  • ESSENTIAL TRICKS: this trick book features some of the most famous tricks, like Gravity Pull, Around the World, Skyrocket, Tidal Wave, Spaghetti, Eiffel Tower, Pinwheel, and Lindy Loops besides many other.
  • EASY TO LEARN: this book with illustrations can help yo-yoers improve their style of play, get better at traditional tricks, and explore attempting & mastering new tricks.
  • NUMEROUS TRICKS: the instructional book is useful for seasoned yo-yoers, featuring more than 60 tricks, including some simple ones and the more complex tricks. It also includes a bonus counterweight trick section.

AGE: 6+