Whoopee Cushion

Let One Rip!

Produce a rib-cracking rumbler whenever someone takes a seat. If placed on a chair, an unsuspecting victim will sit on a whoopee cushion, forcing the air out of the opening, which causes the flap to vibrate and create a loud, farting-like sound.

In Case You Didn't Know:

The whoopee cushion has reportedly been used since ancient times. Roman boy-emperor Elagabalus was said to enjoy practical jokes at his dinner parties and would often place whoopee cushions under the chairs of his more pompous guests.

The modern version was invented in the 1920s by the JEM Rubber Co. of Toronto, Canada by employees who were experimenting with scrap sheets of rubber. They approached the owner of the S.S. Adams company (the inventor of numerous practical jokes), with the newly invented item. Adams said that the item was "too vulgar" and would never sell. JEM Rubber offered the idea to the Johnson Smith Company who sold it with great success. S.S. Adams Co. later released its own version, but called it the "Razzberry Cushion."

SIZE: 7 ¼" Diameter

AGE: 4 and up