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We're All Gonna Die - Party Game

Develops Cognitive Skills
We're All Gonna Die - Party Game
Develops Social Skills
We're All Gonna Die - Party Game

    The game of dicing with death

    You and your friends will need to work together in this strategic dice-rolling game of laugh-out-loud hilarity for grown-ups. Flip a card, roll the dice, and try to get the death-defying combination to cheat your untimely death. Work through your death cards and make it through all 20 cards to survive and live to see another day!

    Work Together To Cheat Death And Win
    We're All Gonna Die is a game of teamwork and collaboration. It's a great solo game but works just as well with multiple players working together to try and cheat harrowing and silly deaths and win the game. Do you have what it takes to win?

    Full Of Laugh-Out-Loud Adult Humour
    With deaths like "BLACK FRIDAY STAMPEDE" and "FORK IN A TOASTER", you and your friends will love reading all the weird and wacky ways in which you could die...but not everything will kill you. Some things are just very, very embarrassing!

    The Hilarious Game Of Dicing With Death
    All you have to do to win We're All Gonna Die is survive 20 deaths by rolling the dice and matching the icons on the dice with the icons on the death cards. With a mixture of easy and hard life-saving survival combinations, it's not as easy as you think!

    What’s in the box?

    • Game board
    • Rules sheet
    • 6 life-saving dice
    • 45 ridiculous death cards
    • 5 embarrassing but not deadly cards

    How To Play

    • Pop the LIFE BOARD on the table, shuffle the death cards, and deal out 20, placing them face down next to space 1 on the board. This is the DEATH DECK. Get all 6 dice and place them on the table. Turn over the first death card and place it in space 1.
    • Player 1 has 3 attempts to roll the dice and match the combination on the death card. Roll all 6 dice on your first attempt. Discuss and strategize with your teammates to decide which dice you want to keep, and then roll the remaining dice again. Repeat for roll 3.
    • After your third roll, if you have successfully managed to get the life-saving combination shown on the card, you can remove the card to a discard pile and turn over another death card.
    • If you fail to complete the combination, the death card stays on the board and a new death card is placed on the next space. With each card added, you edge one step closer to death!
    • Play continues with each player trying to survive death. Along the way, if you deal a speech bubble card, these are embarrassing but won’t kill you, so move them directly to the discard pile.

    The Winner

    • Play continues until either a DEATH CARD is placed on the YOU’RE DEAD space, killing all players and ending the game or the team beats enough cards from the DEATH DECK and they survive the game to win.

    AGE: 16 and up

    Players: 1 and up