Wonder Wire

Magic before your eyes!

Gently hold and pull the two wires apart, and watch the magic unfold! The wires appear to be unwinding, but in fact, they never do. Keep pulling and the wires will turn in a never-ending spiral.

This charming magic trick is intuitive to perform, making it a great toy for children and kids, and a fun fidget desktop accessory for adults.

THE GRAND ILLUSION – This simple yet puzzling optical illusion occurs because your fingers are actually slipping through the metal when you pull. The two wires are rotating, but only your hands are moving apart.

A CLASSIC DESIGN – This optical illusion is a classic invention, sometimes known as the “Mephisto Spiral”, that is continually being rediscovered. Now, you can see the magic trick unfold before your very own eyes, and do the magic yourself!

PRE-ASSEMBLED WIRES – Wires have already been attached to one another for you, so you can get into the magic right away. No need to manually put the wires together.

AGE: 9 and up