Yo-Yo Maintenance Kit (Lube & String)

Keep your yo-yo SCREAMING FAST & AGILE with this Maintenance Kit!

Never be without a supply of Yomega Lube or replacement strings. Made with non toxic materials. This maintenance kit will keep your Yomega yo-yo in high performance mode. All modular Yomega yoyos are meant to come apart for easy access to string knots and maintenance procedures. This kit includes a bottle of precision lube oil and 5 replacement white strings. The lube bottle dispenses lightweight synthetic oil that will help keep moving parts clean and fast. Includes 5 replacement strings. Frequent string replacement is necessary to keep your yo-yo in high performance and lubrication is necessary when a yo-yo does not return or if it starts to make an unusual sound. Instructions included.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - this is not a toy and not intended for use by anyone under 3

AGE: 8+